Secondary Services

In addition to our prototype and part production services, Protolabs can provide supplementary solutions to enhance your project. These specialist services concentrate on additional requirements for injection moulding parts and tooling and options for modification or ‘finishing’ of 3D printed parts.
Our technical teams specialise in the field of complex injection moulds, customisation of 3D printed plastic parts and CNC machined finishing of parts built using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS). Our many years of experience, enables you to have parts produced to your exact specification.


Discover more about our secondary services by clicking on the following links:

Paint and Custom
Paint and Custom Finishing
Paint and Custom Finishing
Moulds and
Moulds and Tooling
Moulds and Tooling
3D Printed Metal Part
Post Machining
3D printed metal part post machining
3D printed metal part post machining
For customers who have parts which are obsolete and no CAD data is available, we offer reverse engineering and project support.

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