CNC-koneistus: Osien enimmäismitat

Alla on CNC-jyrsittyjen ja -sorvattujen osien enimmäismitat käytettävissä oleville muovi- ja metallimateriaaleille.

Our CNC machining service provides the ability to easily add threaded features to milled and turned parts. Threads are specified within our automated interactive quotes. When a quote is returned, the 3D display will show which thread types are possible for each feature. Different threads (where possible) or no threads can be selected on a feature-by-feature basis. View a demo quote to explore a 3D model with threads. For those having trouble with the interactive display, a 3D PDF is included in the demo quote that shows the thread options available.

After an order is placed, an order confirmation will be emailed with the thread sizes selected. Please review the order confirmation for accuracy. We offer a limited selection of UNF, UNC, and coil and key inserts (but do not supply or install the inserts). See the table below for all of our available selections.

Milled vs. Turned Parts
Threaded holes on milled parts must be modelled at the proper diameter and oriented along one of the three primary axes. Automatic external threads are not available for milled parts at this time. Keep in mind that it is possible (but not recommended) to obtain external threads on milled parts, but in this case, the threads must be modelled. External threads are machined using our standard ball and flat end mills. The smallest external thread that produces reasonable results in our CNC milling process is roughly 1/2-13 (M12). Threaded holes on turned parts must be modelled at the proper diameter and oriented axially or radially. External threads are available on the axial diameters of turned parts. Simply model the nominal diameter—do not model the threads.

Please Note:

  • We may thread a through hole or continuous outer diameter from either side of the part. If the depth of the hole or length of the outer diameter is deeper than our tools can reach, we will offer to thread both ends of the feature. It should be assumed these threads will not be continuous. See the Maximum Reach tab on the table below.
  • All threads will be right handed. Left handed threads, and diameter and pitches not shown in the table cannot be produced with our machining processes at this time.
  • We may be unable to thread features that are obstructed by other elements on a part or that are obstructed by our fixturing. If a feature cannot be threaded, no thread options will be offered for that feature on the quote.
  • Threaded features are not available for parts loaded in the .STL format.

Threading options differ for milled and turned parts, so make sure the right process is selected in the table below. If you have any issues or questions please contact an applications engineer at [email protected] or +44 (0) 1952 683047.

Materiaali Enimmäismitat
ABS Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
Asetaali-kopylomeeri TECAFORM AH or ERTACETAL C Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
Asetaali-kopylomeeri SUSTARIN C FDA Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
Asetaali-homopolymeeri TECAFORM AD or ERTACETAL H Enimmäissyvyys: 76mm
Asetaali, staattisesti dissipatiivinen Tecaform AH SD Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
HDPE TECAFINE PE Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
Nailon 6 TECAST TM Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
Nailon 6 TECAST T - Natural Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
Nailon 6 SUSTAMID 6 FR Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
Nailon 6 GF 30% TECAMID 6 GF30 Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
Nailon 66 TECAMID 66 Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
Nailon 66 GF 30% TECAMID 66 GF30 Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
PBT GF 30% TECADUR PBT GF30 Enimmäissyvyys: 69.85mm
PC TECANAT Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
PEEK TECAPEEK Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
PEI Ultem 1000 Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
PEI 30% GF Ultem 2300 TECAPEI Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
PET TECADUR PET Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
PMMA-akryyli TECACRYL Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
PP-homopolymeeri TECAFINE Beige Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
PP-homopolymeeri TECAFINE Natural Enimmäissyvyys: 69.85mm
PPSU Radel R 5500 Enimmäissyvyys: 45mm
PSU, polysulfoni PSU 1000 Enimmäissyvyys: 28mm
PTF Teflon TECAFLON Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
PVC TECAVINYL Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
Alumiini 6082-T651 Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
Alumiini 7075-T651 Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
Alumiini 2024-T351 Enimmäissyvyys: 69.85mm
Messinki Cz112 60/40 Enimmäissyvyys: 95mm
Hiiliteräs EN8/C45  Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
Kupari C101 Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
Pehmeä teräs S275 Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
Ruostumaton teräs 17-4 PH Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
Ruostumaton teräs 304/304L Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
Ruostumaton teräs 316/316L Enimmäissyvyys: 44mm
Titaani Ti-6Al-4v, Grade 5 Enimmäissyvyys:​ 44mm


Materiaali Enimmäismitat
Alumiini 6082-T651 75mm
Alumiini 7075-T651 75mm
Messinki Cz121 75mm
Hiiliteräs EN8/C45  75mm
Pehmeä teräs S275 75mm
Ruostumaton teräs 17-4 PH 75mm
Ruostumaton teräs 304/304L 75mm
Ruostumaton teräs 316/316L 75mm
Titaani Ti 6Al-4V, Grade 5 75mm