COVID-19 Updates

UPDATE - 28/04/20

Covid-19 Fightback: We supported Michelin in the supply of 10,000 sterilisable and reusable face shields for medics at two of France's largest university hospitals.

The two polycarbonate parts commissioned by Michelin – the headband and reinforcing piece – were initially 3D printed in just a day using our Multi Jet Fusion technology. Following minor adjustments to the CADs to reduce tooling costs, manufacturing then switched to injection moulding in order to supply a further 20,000 polycarbonate parts in just a few days.

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UPDATE - 21/04/20

Peter Richards talks about how we are doing our bit to help the fight against COVID-19.

All the team here at Protolabs are incredibly proud to be able to assist at during this time.



Footage courtesy of ITV Central.


UPDATE - 17/04/20

COVID-19 Fightback: We’ve been working with the Mercedes-AMG F1 team and engineers at UCL to help manufacture an urgent CPAP device for coronavirus patients.

Speed was of the essence for this project so we worked quickly to improve the parts’ manufacturability, with iterations to the design that improved the tooling process – reducing tool development time down to just 3 days.

The new CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) system is another fantastic medical device in response to COVID-19. It will help keep patients off ventilators and help reduce demand on intensive care.

#ProtolabsPROUD #fightcovid19 #OurPeopleMakeProtolabs

UPDATE - 15/4/20

Protolabs has recently been formally declared an ‘essential business’ in the fight against the novel coronavirus. We’ve earned this status by offering unrivalled speed through our bespoke software and manufacturing technology.

In the effort against COVID-19 right now we’re rapidly supporting medical supply chains across Europe in what is a generation-defining moment.

UPDATE - 02/04/20

Our People Make Protolabs.

We feel incredibly proud of the active part our employees are playing in the fight against the novel Coronavirus.

We’re supporting engineers in the 3D printing of Ventilator masks, the moulding of parts for COVID-19 testing kits, and the development of casings for patient ventilators. These are just a few examples of how we’re helping, so a big thank you goes to our colleagues.

UPDATE - 30/03/20

COVID-19 Fightback: We’re injection moulding parts for COVID-19 testing kits to be used in hospitals across the UK and medical diagnostics centres across Europe.

Global molecular diagnostics company, AusDiagnostics, came to us for support in the manufacture of plastic cassettes for housing the critical medical solution required for testing COVID-19. The number of kits needed will increase rapidly in the weeks ahead to meet the growing demand, but we’re absolutely ready to support this.

UPDATE - 27/03/20

COVID-19 Fightback: We feel incredibly proud of the active part we’re playing in supporting society and fighting the novel coronavirus pandemic.

We’re seeing fantastic work from the whole team here – everyone at Protolabs plays a vital role in us being able to support the needs of our customers.

We’re supporting engineers in the 3D printing of ventilator masks, the moulding of parts for COVID-19 testing kits, and the development of casings for patient ventilators. These are just a few examples of how we’re helping, so a big thank you goes to all our colleagues.

UPDATE - 26/3/20

COVID-19 Fightback: We’re supporting Italian engineers in the conversion of Easybreath snorkeling masks into hospital ventilator masks for frontline medical staff.

It’s heartening for us to be able assist in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We are supporting Brescia-based Isinnova by preparing to supply 100 3D printed kits - valves that can be easily assembled with the snorkeling masks by healthcare professionals. The assembly effectively converts them into non-invasive ventilator masks that could help save lives.

Hospital ventilator masks for medical staff are in short supply so it’s great that trialling has been successful and the new masks can be available for emergency situations in Italy and across the world.

UPDATE - 24/3/20

We’ve recently been deemed an essential business and will remain open during this crisis for our customers. Right now, we are operating normally for all medical and non-medical orders but are prioritising medical orders on the manufacturing floor. All other orders will continue to be manufactured and delivered as promised. That said, we’ve also been working to keep our employees as safe as possible, including mandating those who can work from home to do so. And we have implemented rigorous safety protocols in our manufacturing facilities to ensure all Protolabs employees and their families remain safe and healthy.

We’re in this together. We’re here to help. Stay safe.

UPDATE - 22/3/20

During these times of unprecedented human impact of the global COVID-19 outbreak, we want to offer our assistance to our medical customers. Protolabs remains open for business and is committed in helping you accelerate production of urgent components needed to respond to the current coronavirus crisis.  We are able to produce custom injection moulding, CNC and 3D printing parts in as fast as one day. We’re committed to prioritising those orders and waiving expedite fees in order to get critical medical supplies into the market. We are actively working with several medical companies who are in need of urgent medical component manufacturing. We’re working with all of them to expedite orders without additional fees.

Please reach out to your Protolabs account representative to discuss any urgent needs in an effort to get medical aids, supplies, or equipment in the hands of those who need it the most. You can always reach us at +46 (0) 8408 391 86

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Protolabs is open for business and all of our locations are currently operating as normal. For specific COVID-19 related inquiries, please refer to key contact information below:

For media/press inquiries: Matthew Hatch, Communications Manager [email protected]
For Customer Service/ Application Engineering and Sales: +46 (0) 8408 391 86

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